February 2017

  • Health Foundations Birth Center, St Paul MN

Birth Center Update

The idea of a birth center started early. I didn't see it. But it was there. I grew up with a mother who managed a medical clinic and a father who worked as an EMT. I remember cleaning exam rooms and stopping for accidents on the side of the highway. As a high school student, I also became a certified EMT like my dad.

June 2015

Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the other frequently asked questions that people ask me How did Ovo begin? I've discovered that watching the documentary "The Business of Being Born" is sort of a rabbit hole for many women. I was no different. I watched the documentary and had my oldest son and I fell straight into the birthy rabbit hole. I attended La Leche League meetings each

April 2015

What do I need for my newborn?

"I'm expecting! What do I need for my newborn? What should I put on my registry?" Newborns are adorable and snuggly and have some pretty gosh-darned important needs, but sometimes I think the postpartum period tends to be a little heavy on the baby focus and a little empty on the momma focus in our culture.  Nourish is determined to even that out a bit.  In

March 2015

What Goes in My Birth Bag?

Hey Momma!  I’m sure you’re doing a fabulous job of remaining optimistic and calm in these final weeks of pregnancy.  If you’re anything like me, you are also working diligently to create lists for each type of birth bag you might need.  Mom bag. Partner bag. Baby bag. Labor bag. Bathroom bag… GOOD NEWS! You don’t really need a whole lot in your birth

Top 10 Pregnancy Items

Pregnancy can be an exciting time when it's seen positively and the odd sensations are viewed as milestones, rather than "symptoms".  There are, however a few discomforts that can sometimes be associated with pregnancy and it's nice to have a group of women around you who also view pregnancy positively and laugh and groan with you as you experience them.  Your doula and midwife

February 2015