February 2015

Glorifying Busy

"I've been busy."   "I've had a lot going on."   "I'm stressed." A friend of mine posted a status awhile ago about “glorifying busy”. I DO THAT. We ALL do that. I hadn’t really thought about it until I read the words on her page. I totally glorify busy and I do it all the time. It’s no secret that I like to stay busy and

January 2015

Surgery Doula

Well, I got knifed last week. Yep. Nothing like a good ol' knifing to start the year off right. But seriously, I had back surgery for a ruptured disc in my lumbar spine. I injured it back in college when I was lifting a gentleman as I was helping him prepare for work. Since that day my back has always given me problems; first

December 2014


Let’s talk for a second about the word community. It's is a group of people who support you. That’s it. They might not be close friends, you might not even know them in person, but they are your sounding board, your delivery service, and your encyclopedia of all things. In grade school I had a group of friends who taught me about the social

November 2014

Breastfeeding Support

Here's the thing. Women need support for a lot of things in those early postpartum days, but breastfeeding support probably tops the list. I don't remember the moment I decided to breastfeed. I didn't have a huge revelation or earth-shattering experience pushing me to it. I just had a feeling and a lot of research indicating it was ideal for a multitude of reasons.

Faith in Birth

For weeks, I was privileged to watch a beautiful little momma faithfully prepare for the birth of her son. She did research, and built her birth team to include a midwife and doula, and made lists and cleaned and baked, as many expecting mothers do instinctively. She was patient. SO patient. In fact, she was so patient I kind of wanted to hang out

October 2014


Silence. That’s exactly what I heard when I slipped quietly into their birthplace during the very early morning hours. I placed my bag near the couch and grabbed my camera. Straining my ears and barely moving, I stood like a statue in the entryway. I wanted to give them the opportunity to bring me into their sacred birthing space when they were ready. I